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User Manual

YaWood reinterprets the traditional toy of the rocking horse in a completely new and unusual way. It is made by a curved wood profile that follows the lines of the body. The goal was to create an object that could be used individually, but that would be more fun when shared. YaWood’s main feature is the opportunity to be connected with another one giving children the possibility to interact and share the same game. The connection is possible thanks to a simple slot that allows to join two elements quickly and reversibly according to children needs.
This user manual contains information on correct use of the product and warnings. Before using YaWood, read the manual carefully.

Technical data_
L.750mm L.300mm H.465mm W.7 kg
Material_ Beech wood
Recommended age_ 18 months to 5 years


Single use | Double use

IMG.1_ Align both slots in the front part of the toy and proceed with the connection. To facilitate the operation, place the first YaWood horizontally on a flat surface and lower the second element from above while maintaining the alignment of the slots. WARNING! This operation must be made by an adult. Be careful to keep hands away from slots during the connection phase. Fully insert the two elements before using them.


IMG.2_ Fold the rope in half and tie the ends. Insert the rope in the back slots and in the lower front slot. WARNING! It is recommended to use of at least two supports to distribute the weight of the object. Check for strength and stability of the wall and supports before hanging. Hang YaWood only if the wall is suitable to support the weight of the element itself and any objects to be placed on top of it. Do not climb on the hanging element, avoid any kind of impact.

Important information_
Appropriate for ages 18 months to 5 years. Remove all packaging before giving to children. This product complies with current laws. Colour variations and/or variations in the overall shape are to be considered compliant due to the natural material and the wood adjustment.
WARNING! This toy should be used carefully to avoid falls and injuries to the user or others. It is recommended to use it always under adult supervision. Install and use the product in an area clear of obstacles not to compromise user’s safety. Not suitable for outdoor use. Do not install the product on rough surfaces to avoid damaging it. Do not install the product on inclined surfaces. Check the product integrity every time before playing with it. Any change to the product (e.g., the addition of accessories) is prohibited. Clean with a damp cloth.

WARNING! Do not stand on the toy. Do not sit in the back of the toy. Always keep the weight in the central part of the toy to maintain the correct balance necessary for the movement. Always maintain a correct posture during use, both in single and double use, not to compromise user’s safety. Do not use the toy with people of different weight than your own, make sure to maintain a similar weight on both sides to have the correct balance.

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YaWood is a product of Argo4 Srl.
Argo4 Srl cannot be held responsible and accountable for damages caused by improper or wrongful use of YaWood. Use active toys with care and under supervision of an adult. YaWood is patent-protected, copying or recreating YaWood is not allowed.


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