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Frequently asked questions

Below you can find the frequently asked questions and answers about YaWood.
For questions you can always send us an email at info@argo4.store. We will respond as soon as possible.

Where is YaWood made?
YaWood is designed and manufactured completely in Italy. We collaborate with trusted factories and artisan who mix their experience with advanced technology to obtain high quality products.

For what ages is YaWood appropriate?
YaWood is not simply a toy and it is made to follow the child in his game and in life from birth. YaWood has been created using natural materials that last for generations, it’s a precious gift that can become a shelf and decorate baby’s bedroom in his first months of life. Then when the child is ready, YaWood become an amazing toy to use alone or to share with family and friends. As a rocking horse YaWood is appropriate for ages 18 months to 5 years. When the child has grown up YaWood can be hung up again and returned a design element, both in the single and double version, with a special care for the environment and the value of sustainability.

What is the price of YaWood?
YaWood is available from € 439,00 taxes included.

Why does YaWood cost what it costs?
When we designed YaWood our desire was to create a high quality product that would last over time, contrary to current toy market increasingly affected by disposable toys. YaWood is made of pressed sustainable beech wood, finished with water based paints. The production process is complex and it is done completely in Italy in collaboration with one of the best wood bending factory. It is traditional and innovative at the same time and children do not get bored because the constantly see new opportunities. We designed every detail thinking about the final users and all the possibilities and uses that YaWood can offer. We understand that YaWood is not affordable for everyone, so we occasionally have sales or special offers. Follow us on our social media or subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated.

Can I create a completely custom YaWood?
Yawood is currently available in the natural version that you can find in our website.
If you have special needs contact us at info@argo4.store, we will try to satisfy your requests.

Is YaWood tested?
YaWood is a safe and marketable product that has successfully passed the safe certifications according to current legislation. YaWood is CE certified according to the Toy Safety Directive 2009/48/EC. It is made from sustainable beech wood (FSC) which is pressed and finished with water based paints.

What’s the weight limit?
As a rocking horse YaWood is appropriate for ages 18 months to 5 years. YaWood is CE certified up to 50 kilograms, during double use 50 kilos per element are considered. YaWood is rocking horse to be used sitting on it. Other uses have not been tested and certified, so Argo4 Srl cannot guarantee it’s safe usage when used in other ways. Use active toys with care and under supervision of an adult.
When YaWood is used as a shelf it is recommended to use of at least two supports to distribute the weight of the object. Check for strength and stability of the wall and supports before hanging. Hang YaWood only if the wall is suitable to support the weight of the element itself and any objects to be placed on top of it. Read our user manual for more info.

Isn’t it dangerous for fingers and toes?
Always let children play under adult supervision and let them get used to YaWood. Beware of fingers and toes at the edges. Be careful to keep hands away from slots during the connection phase of two elements. Use the product in an area clear of obstacles not to compromise user’s safety and place it on a flat, horizontal surface.

What is the best surface for using YaWood?
It is advisable to use a rug or mat to protect YaWood and the floor and to reduce noise. Do not install the product on rough surfaces to avoid damaging it. Do not install the product on inclined surfaces. YaWood is not suitable for outdoor use.

Do you have a retail store?
YaWood is currently available online.

I have a shop or store and want YaWood in my shop. Is that possible?
Please email us at info@argo4.store.


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