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a curved wood profile with a playful soul
the new idea of rocking horse

YaWood reinterprets the traditional toy of  rocking horse in a new and innovative way.
It is a multipurpose design product that can be used alone, with a friend by combining two elements
and even as a wall shelf.
It is made to follow the child in his game and in life from birth.

From birth
Through life
For generations


YaWood is made by a curved wood profile that follows the lines of the body and its shape is ergonomic and comfortable. The design concept is inspired by the mother’s hand as a symbol of protection and kindness. The choice of wood was dictated by the desire to get the child in touch with a natural and sustainable material.

The goal was to create an object that could be used individually, but that would be more funny when shared. YaWood’s main feature is the opportunity to be connected with another one giving children the possibility to interact and share the same game. The connection is possible thanks to a simple slot that allows to join two elements quickly and reversibly according to children needs.

YaWood is not simply a toy, but also a design element that could follow the child throughout his life, with a special care for the environment and the value of sustainability. It can become a bookcase/shelf, both in the single and double version. It has a double slot in the back, which can be used to insert a rope connected to the front slot, then it can be hang up and become a furniture.

Download the user manual to get additional information about the product.


L.750mm L.300mm H.465mm W.7kg
Beech Wood (FSC) finished with water paints
Made in Italy
CE Marked
18+ months


Design Competition for Expo Dubai 2020 | Regione Lombardia | Ed. 2019
DesAut | Dentro Casa Expo| Ed. 2018
Design Competition | Regione Lombardia | Ed. 2017


Salone del Mobile | Milan | 09_14 April 2019
Fuorisalone | Milan | 17_22 April 2018
Dentro Casa Expo | Brescia | 03_11 March 2018
Fall Design Week | Milan | 07_15 October 2017
HOMI | Milan | 15_18 September 2017


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